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Kenny Goldman, 5 Yrs , Spring Developmental Clinic

Kenny Goldman, 5 Yrs , Spring Developmental Clinic
Developmental Clinic Practice and scrimmage will be same day (meet 6 times) 

The JCC Kenny Goldman Basketball League reserves the right to reschedule based

on enrollment and to move players/teams to a proper level if their caliber of play
is inappropriate to the standards of the divisions entered.

For more information on the league contact Leah Worthy at 248.432.5404, or Bruce Wineman at 248.432.5498, or email: [email protected]

Terms And Conditions;  By initialing below you understand the terms and conditions for
the Kenny Goldman League.
  Please review our Code of Ethics, Disclaimer,  and Concussion Information
4/26/2020 - 6/14/2020
United States