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Open Leagues
$100 Deposit must be paid at time of registration in order to secure your teams spot.
1st game A minimum of $300 must be paid to play
4th game League fee must be paid in full.

$1350 per team, includes 10 regular games plus 1 guaranteed playoff game

*All leagues are subject to alternate day gameplay including Saturdays.

All schedule requests must be submitted prior to the registration deadline of

March 30, 2018 to the IHC office in writing.

 For more information, call Colin Sipperley, Director 248.432.5584. or, email; [email protected]


Terms And Conditions; Signing this registration for a teams fee to the JCC/IHC, as well as every player has signed the team roster and waiver form, prior to playing. The team must be paid in full by the fourth game. The IHC reserve the right too refuse any team name or team placement. By initialing below you understand the terms and conditions. Please review our Code of Ethics and Concussion Information

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