JCC Waiver & Code of Conduct

I acknowledge & agree that the Jewish community center of metropolitan Detroit (JCC) shall not be responsible or liable for any accident, injury, death, loss or damage whatsoever or loss or damage to any personal property owned by me, my family members or my guests that may occur on or about the JCC premises, and I hereby expressly waive any claim(s) that I, my family members or my guests may have against the JCC arising from or as a result of any such accident, injury, loss or damage. It is, therefore, understood that all personal property of any kind of that I, my family members or my guests may keep, store, maintain or utilize on or about the JCC premises shall be kept, stored, maintained & utilized at the sole risk and responsibility of me, my family members or guests.

• All members, guests and staff at the JCC are expected to behave responsibly and respect the rights and dignity of others. Vulgar language, including swearing, name-calling and shouting; behavior or language that is angry, threatening, intimidating, offensive or menacing; or sexually suggestive language or behavior is not allowed at any time, in any location, by any person.

 • All persons entering the building are to be respectful of the facility. Members and guests must return equipment and supplies in good condition to their original locations.

• The JCC does not assume responsibility for any risk associated with participation and/or use of our facilities and programs. Individuals are responsible for monitoring their own condition at all times when engaging in activities at the JCC.

• Members and guests are to observe the posted schedules for usage of all facilities including the gym, pools, fitness room, etc.

• Immediately report suspicious or inappropriate behavior to a JCC staff member.

• Please do not leave personal items unattended anywhere in the building. The JCC is not responsible for the theft, loss, damage or destruction to personal items or property while on the JCC premises, in the parking lot or anywhere on the grounds.

 • The JCC may videotape or photograph participants in programs, classes and events or while enjoying JCC facilities to be used for JCC publications, flyers, publicity, brochures, web use, other electronic communications or video usage. All photos and videos for JCC use become the sole property of this organization.

• Members/ guests must secure JCC staff approval before posting or distributing flyers, posters, business cards or other printed material anywhere in the building. 

• Taking photos or videotaping of people without their permission is not permitted.

• Smoking inside the facility; loitering either inside or outside the building; the use or possession of illegal substances or alcohol (other than for pre-approved private events); and theft, or any behavior that results in the destruction of property, is prohibited.

• No one may enter the JCC while carrying or concealing weapons or objects that may be perceived as weapons.

• Members and guests may not engage in activities that pose a conflict of interest with JCC services such as personal training, athletic training, swim lessons).

• Other than the aquatics area where bathing suits are permitted, all members and guests must be properly clothed, including shoes and shirts, at all times.

• Other than service animals or for an authorized event, pets are not allowed inside the JCC or on pool deck.